Putting up your artificial Christmas trees is one of the most exciting things to do during the holidays. The tree is one of the main things that get you in the holiday spirit and makes you feel like Christmas is here. For many years, people have debated on when it is the right time to put up the tree. Well, Christmas comes in December so would it be ideal to put it up at the start of the month? A week before Christmas? Or 10 days before maybe?

These are normal questions you have and it can get very exhausting thinking when to put them up. You can put up the Christmas tree whenever you like, but if you want to go according to tradition, many cultures and people have a specific day. To learn more about when is the right time to put up your artificial Christmas tree, read further below.

Different Days People Usually Put Up The tree

If you’re looking for a day to put up your artificial Christmas tree, maybe you can take inspiration from these few days and traditions that people have had over the centuries.

The 1st of December

People usually like putting up their tree on the 1st of December to mark the start of the holidays and count out the days till Christmas. Putting up the tree on the 1st is a symbol that the festive season has finally begun.


The 1st of advent begins from the first Sunday of Christmas. This is an important day in the Christian calendar and is a symbol of the start of Christmas. In total, there are four advents until Christmas, and many people like putting up their artificial Christmas trees on the 1st advent. The time frame is also a celebration for the birth of Jesus.

The type of tree

People who use fresh Christmas trees usually have to put them up a bit later, because the tree starts to die out. However, you don’t have to worry about that with artificial Christmas trees, as these don’t deteriorate and you can put them whenever you like.

12 days before Christmas

You can also choose to put it up 12 days before Christmas. Putting it up on the 12th day of Christmas has a special meaning to it as it symbolizes the festive activities that will take place. It also prepares everyone for the Christmas spirit.

Things to Consider When Putting up the Christmas tree

If you’ve decided when to put up your Christmas tree or are still not sure, there are still few more things that you must keep in mind. This will help you choose a better day on when to put up your artificial tree.

  • The amount of free time you have at home
  • When will your guests arrive
  • The Type of the tree
  • If there are any holiday events at home before Christmas


Hopefully, with the help of this article, you can now decide on the perfect way to put up your artificial Christmas tree. Make sure to keep the above pointers in mind and don’t forget to have a merry Christmas.