You may not know, but Creating snowy effects and themes is not the only purpose of flocking trees.

There’s more!

Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Your Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

The 21st century decoration advancement has witnessed an explosion in the use of colors on flocked Christmas trees, and that’s quite huge. Today, people are able to pick any tree color of their choosing, creating a new form of colored Christmas. Flocked tree color choices are getting broader as time goes by from deep blue to deep black.

Snow, originally represented by white powders, was flocking’s first step. Flocked Trees were created from cotton fibers, colored tufts, and glue. But they have now become a dynamic holiday craze for many homes.

Since colored trees have become increasingly popular, flocking now requires a higher level of expertise and care.

Although you can flock your tree on your own, some experts create colored flocked trees in tree shops. It’s possible to buy a pre-flocked tree, or turn in your own your tree for colored flocking.

Creating Visual Balance on Your Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

The flocking process is unique for every try. Choose your artificial Christmas tree based on your color preference and your decoration theme.

Flocked trees are a beautiful addition to any home. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, what is beautiful for you might not be someone else’s first choice.

You can use different colors on your flocked tree to create the spark you desire. Although there are experts for tree flocking, you can also flock your tree on your own with the right materials. All you need are cotton fibers, dye, and a good adhesive.

Flocking, when done correctly, would look like real snow. Some flocked artificial Christmas trees might appear unnatural. But when done with great color, you can achieve an impressive result.