Artificial Christmas trees with flocked ornaments are a magical sight!

Perhaps you own a 9- foot artificial Christmas tree, here are a few easy steps you can follow to get it flocked!

Set up your workspace

Cover your work surface with a drop cloth or a plastic sheet to make cleanup quick and easy. Make sure your Christmas tree or wreath is well ventilated, free of keepsakes, before applying flocking powder. Don’t flock your tree in a room that will be used right after; it will need time to dry.

Keep the tree base protected

Prevent your tree’s base from becoming flocked by wrapping it with plastic bags or sheeting. For a fuller appearance, fluff up the artificial Christmas tree’s branches but first, ensure that the tree is fluffed before flocking it so that the powder falls on the correct places.

Water your tree lightly

Set the spray bottle to a mist and lightly water the tree. But while at it, take care not to overwater the branches. You want the faux snow to sit on top of the branches, so make sure they are well-misted.

Apply Flocking

Fill a mesh wire sifter with flocking powder. For even distribution of powder on the branches, a sifter is preferable to using your hand.

Spread flocking powder over the tree branches, while holding a sifter above moist branches. A slight mist of water might be required as you go to make sure that the flocked Christmas tree is evenly white.

Spray and allow to dry

Spray branches with flocking powder and sprinkle it more until they are covered. And then, spray water over the top again and allow it to dry. Depending on your preference, you can style your artificial Christmas tree using ornaments and twinkle lights.