The Tradition of Santa Claus and the Symbolism Behind it

Once you have your prelit Christmas trees up in your home, you are going to find that if you have kids, the questions are going to start. Is Santa going to love your prelit Christmas trees? Is Santa going to be able to fit the presents under this tree? How does Santa get all over the world in one night? Where does Santa get the presents? And the list goes on. For parents who want to maintain some of the Christmas magic, there are several ways in which they can answer these questions, and we have some great ways to do this!

To start with, sit everyone around your prelit Christmas trees so that they can all hear the answers and stories about Santa…in the end, those who are listening to these answers are going to believe in Santa all the more and keep the magic going during the holiday season.

The Popularity of Prelit Christmas Trees and Their Advantages

1. Santa gets around the entire world in one night thanks to the time zones throughout the world. When it is light here, it is dark on the other side of the world. Thus, he is making his deliveries while it is dark on the other side of the world. And his reindeer can fly at the speed of light, which is faster than the planes that you may have flown on.

2. Santa has elves that are going to make some presents, but Santa is just like everyone else and can get presents from the store. So, yes you can play up the fact that Santa probably shops online with big retailers like Amazon too.

3. What if the kids ask who wraps the presents You can opt to go with the elf answer, or you can say that you do because Santa has so many kids to get to that you take this off his plate to handle.

4. Santa is inventive when it comes to getting presents under the tree, so matter what the size of your tree he makes it work.

5. And Santa loves to see all the trees that he sees throughout the world, he loves seeing the different themes, the different personalities that are seen in the decorating of these trees. So, be sure to leave some cookies for Santa and carrot sticks for the deer so that they can fuel up to get on down the road.

Answering questions about Santa is a great way to keep this magic alive, so be inventive with your answers!