The holiday season is almost upon us. If ornaments, sparkles, and popcorn strings are not your thing, you may try festive ribbon in vibrant green, red, and gold tones.

You can dress up your tree with some ribbons to give it a little pizazz. Ribbons come in many types, with different applications, and you can choose one based on what you need.

 For a stylish artificial Christmas tree this holiday, look no further than these tips:

1. Prepare Your Tree

Before you add a ribbon to your tree, make sure it is properly set up. Plug in your artificial tree’s lights and fluff it up. As for live trees, be sure they are well watered and that they are all lit.

2. Choose the right ribbon

You should choose a patterned and specific ribbon type for your tree. Using wired ribbons throughout the year is possible since they maintain their shape. A thicker ribbon (2 to 5 inches) simply fits between trees of all sizes without falling off.

3. Apply your ribbons

Rather than relying on one material, style, or color, layering ribbons will bring more diversity and depth to your design.

4. Tuck and Twist

You can tie ribbon ends together using a floral wire or pipe cleaner if you are looking for a simple DIY decorating tip. The end should be twisted deep into the tree, then around the inner branch, then back to its initial position.

5. Choose Your Ribbon Technique

Depending on what interests you, you can choose an S-shaped, ziggag, or designer pattern.

6. Get a little distant from the tree

Take a step back every now and then and reassess the design of your tree. This way, you can look at your design from a new perspective and rework any problems.