Every year, Christmas is one of those holidays that traditions are really honored. For those with prelit Christmas trees, they may find that now is the time to start their own traditions that they pass down through the years. In years past, these traditions may have been things like the kids are the ones who unravel the mess of lights, but with prelit Christmas trees, this is no longer an issue. So, it is time to start some new traditions that you and your family will love each year.

The Benefits of a Pre-lit Christmas Tree: Time, Money, and Safety

So, what can you do? Now that you don’t have to deal with the lights on your tree, since prelit Christmas trees are ready to go once they are put up, it is time to discover some new traditions. Here are a few ideas that you may want to go with since you have more time now:

1. Have the tradition of choosing a new theme for your tree each year. Or perhaps you have more than one tree, so you can allow everyone to choose a theme for each tree in the home to make this super personal.

2. Hang a secret pickle in these trees so that the first person who finds it is the winner. This is a long tradition that is seen in Germany, but you can very well put this into your family traditions as well.

3. Start baking special treats that you are going to eat while decorating your tree, this can be something that kids love and carry on to their families once they are grown.

4. Find a way to get everyone involved. For example, be sure that the youngest is the one that gets to put on the tree topper. Or maybe the oldest gets to decide how certain elements on the tree are used.