Poinsettia Care: Tips to Keep Your Plants Blooming All Winter

For those who love the red Christmas flowers, poinsettias, they often decide to use these throughout their prelit Christmas trees. This can be gorgeous And what makes these even better is to use this on these prelit Christmas trees but also add in poinsettia flowers throughout your home to really bring this theme to life. With this being said, for those who are going to sit around real poinsettia flowers to compliment their prelit Christmas  trees, then they need to remember a few mistakes that are commonly made resulting in these flowers not making it through the month of December.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Prelit Christmas Trees

1. Greenhouses are used to cultivate poinsettias so they can bloom in time for the holidays. After that, they’re shipped off to be sold. When we transport a pampered plant from a warm store to a cold parking lot, the temperature shock can cause it to lose its leaves. If your plant will be outside in the cold for more than a few minutes, cover it with a bag or some paper to avoid this dying!

2. Remember these are living plants, thus they do need some light. If you keep this in a bright location, it is going to do wonders. However, direct sunlight is not recommended since this can actually burn poinsettias.

3. Poinsettia roots may sit in water in pots without drainage holes. The leaves may turn yellow and drop, or the roots may rot, causing the plant to perish. Drill a few holes in your container or transfer your plant to a pot with drainage holes. If you’re using a saucer or a stylish pot sleeve to retain your plant, make sure to drain any excess water.

4. While overwatering is bad, not watering the poinsettia at all is just as bad. The key is to water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch to ensure that it gets just enough water to thrive.

Whether you are setting out these poinsettia plants to help bring the theme of your prelit Christmas trees to life or you simply love these plants, you will find that the above mistakes and tips are a great way to ensure that these last through the holidays and stay beautiful the entire time. After the holidays have passed, many people try to get these to continue to live, however, that is not always possible. The best advice is to use these as compost and buy a new plant the next year.