Decorating 12 foot artificial Christmas trees is something that many people look forward to each year. They are going to start planning their décor months ahead of time. However, there are just as many who wonder what they will decorate this tree in. They may wait until the last minute, and in doing so, they may decide that they hate the look of their tree later. With this being said, for those who are looking for a new theme for their 12 foot artificial Christmas trees this year, why not let nature inspire you?

Think about nature…there are tons of elements that can inspire your next decorating theme on your 12 foot artificial Christmas trees. What immediately comes to mind when you think of nature? The first things that come to mind are going to be what you want to decorate your tree in. This way, you are getting something that you love because it will scream nature to you once you are done.

Now, when many people think about decorating their 12 foot artificial Christmas trees with nature, they automatically think that they have to use items like birds, flowers, etc. All of these are something that you can definitely use. However, you will find that with 12 foot artificial Christmas trees, you have a lot of space that you need to fill. Instead of putting in all these smaller ornaments, we do recommend that you use some traditional bulb ornaments in colors of the nature theme that you have chosen. Thus, if you are doing a winter nature theme then white bulbs, or if you decide to do a spring theme then some warm yellow bulb ornaments will be gorgeous.

No matter what theme you choose, think about this and apply your first thoughts of this theme to the tree. You will love the outcome!

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