Tips for Selecting the Right Tree

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and cheer, but for some people, it can also bring additional stress. Picking out the right Christmas tree is one of the most important parts of setting up a Winter wonderland home. Whether it is picking the perfect height, color, or species, you should keep a few things in mind.

First and foremost, measure your ceiling height before you go shopping. Since you have a 10-foot ceiling, you will need a tree at least 8 feet tall, including the tree topper. Choose a narrower tree that is about 4-5 feet wide to fit comfortably in your space. Fraser, noble fir, and blue spruce are great choices for taller trees since they tend to hold their shape well.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Once you have your tree, it is time to add some festive touches. Incorporate Winter wonderland elements like snowflakes, icicles, or owls to give your tree a magical appearance. Hang some jingle bell ornaments and miniature reindeer figurines to give the tree a rustic touch. Hallmark sells a North Pole Communicator that allows kids to talk to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, adding an extra special touch that your little ones will surely appreciate.

Choose a warm white or soft yellow tone when it comes to lights. LED lights are the most energy-efficient option and last longer than traditional lights. If you prefer traditional lights, consider using a timer so that you do not accidentally leave them on all night.

Finally, add a final touch of warmth to your tree by spraying it with cinnamon or pine-scented spray. This adds a pleasant aroma to your tree, perfect for snuggling up with some warm cider.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your 10-foot ceiling requires careful consideration. Remember to measure your ceiling height and choose a narrower tree for better space management. Once you have your tree, decorate it with Winter wonderland elements, jingle bells, reindeer figurines, and warm lights. And lastly, don’t forget to add the final touch of warmth by spraying it with some scented spray. With these tips, your home will be ready for a magical and memorable holiday season. Happy Holidays!