Are you ready for the Christmas Season? Well, then turn on the Christmas carols and create an artificial wreath using berries at home. Berries and wreaths make the perfect combination. A green-colored wreath contrasts with red berries, which makes it look amazing in your home.

Furthermore, making artificial wreaths and garlands with berries at home will make your Christmas special. Gathering your family and friends preparing for holidays will bring new memories to your life. Making wreaths with red berries doesn’t require professionals help. You just need to grab a basic grapevine wreath from the local craft store and make yours now. Really, it is that simple to make.

How to Create Artificial Wreath Using Berries?

It will only take you a few minutes to make this winter décor for your home’s exterior. Below we will explain the step-by-step process of making an artificial wreath.

Step 1: Attach Bow

Once you get a grapevine wreath, attach a red color bow with the help of a floral wire. You can make your own bow or purchase from a gift shop. To hold the bow with the wreath, wrap the wire multiple times. Now tie the wire with the grapevine. Make sure that you hide the knot as it will look bad. If the bow tails are too long, you can cut them to your preference.

Step 2: Insert Berry Stems

Fill the wreath with pip berries or faux red berries. Apply some hot glue at the end of the stems. Now slide the stem in the grapevine wreath. Fix the berries on the stems and point them towards the bow. If you want an asymmetrical look, add fewer berries to one side. The quantity of the berries depends on your preference. Or, you can cover the wreath with berries entirely.

Step 3: Fill Up The Gaps

If you notice that there is still some space remaining on the artificial wreath, you cannot add a new stem of berries. Instead, add small chunks of berries. Cut the stems into small pieces and apply some glue and attach it to the blank spaces. The red berries on the artificial wreaths give a full and festive outlook to your home.

Where Should You Place the Artificial Wreath?

You can place Christmas artificial wreath anywhere around your home. However, here are some of the best spots to enhance visibility:

1. Front Door

Artificial wreaths and garlands will look dazzling on your front door. By adding artificial wreaths with berries at your front door, you can make a grand statement. For double doors, hang two wreaths and enhance the street view of your home. You can even place the wreaths on both sides of the door.

2. Exterior Windows

If you want to grab the attention of any passerby towards your home, decorate the windows with an artificial wreath and berries. The combination of red and green will always be eye-catching.

3. Mantel

The fireplace mantel is the perfect place for the artificial wreath. You can also place some red flowers in the vase to make your fireplace more special.


Once you are done with the holiday season, you can remove the artificial wreaths with berries. Keep them carefully in a box, as you can easily use them for next year. These artificial wreaths are inexpensive, yet you can use them for a long time. Isn’t that great? Now grab these items and create your first artificial wreaths using berries.