What’s the Craze with Hanging Pickles on Artificial Christmas Trees?

Have you ever been out shopping and see all the Christmas décor only to come across a glass ornament that resembles a pickle? You may stop for a moment and think why in the world would someone hang a pickle from their Christmas tree, but then go about your business. However, believe it or not, the tradition of hanging a pickle from your tree is not a new one…it spans back to the start of having Christmas trees.

The tradition of hanging a pickle from artificial Christmas trees is meant to be a fun activity for the entire family to participate in. The pickle is not hung up throughout the season. Instead, the pickle is placed on the tree during Christmas Eve so that is be found on Christmas Day. The person who finds the pickle that is well hidden on the tree is rewarded for doing this. It may be an extra present or something that is wrapped just special for the “Pickle Finder”.

The Perfect Addition to an Artificial Tree

The roots of this tradition are still widely unknown. There are those who say that this is a German tradition in which they would hang real pickles from their artificial Christmas trees. While there are others that state that this tradition started during war times. Wherever it started, it does seem to be decently well known as many manufacturers still make these glass pickle ornaments that you can hang onto artificial Christmas trees.

Is this something that you may want to try this year? Who knows, by adding this into your Christmas Day activities, you may be starting a family tradition that your own children will carry on with their children. Consider purchasing a glass ornament pickle to hang on your artificial Christmas trees and taking turns each year to be the one that gets to hide this on the tree for others to find. An idea for a reward could be maybe a dollar bill, or even invest into a small pickle trophy that the winner gets to keep until the next year when the tradition continues.