One of the biggest things that you will learn when it comes to artificial Christmas trees is that the way you treat these is going to prolong the life of the tree. These are investments for your holidays as with the proper treatment, they can last for ten or more years in the right environment. With this being said, you want to make sure that you are doing everything that you can do to properly treat these artificial Christmas trees. And we have ten tips that are going to make it easier to treat this properly!

Tips for How to Treat an Artificial Christmas Tree

1. Never pull or tug on the branches when setting this up. You want to delicately adjust these, doing this harshly can result in the branch becoming disfigured.

2. Always store this in an area that does not see a lot of moisture or water. Artificial Christmas trees can be ruined if they are submerged in water or even if they come in contact with moisture. Chances are if they do, you don’t notice this until the next year, allowing mold and mildew to set up.

3. Always take the tree apart to store it. If you do store this upright and still in tree form, you may find it harder to keep this clean, even if you cover this with old sheets.

4. Watch the temperature of where you are storing this. You will find that in super hot attics, this can actually cause the plastic on these trees to melt slightly, resulting in the tree not looking as pristine as it did.

5. Ensure that the tree is on stable ground when putting this up. Anytime a tree falls over due to the unstable ground you risk this becoming damaged.

6. Never use harsh cleaners on this tree. The most you often need to do is to wipe off some dust, and if a wet cloth is needed use warm water and soap solution, and ensure that this rag is not super wet when working with this tree.

7. Do not put this artificial Christmas tree near a heating vent in your home, as this can cause the needles to melt together.

8. Avoid letting your pets try to climb this or mark their territory as this can lead to damage.

9. Get help if you need to put this up to avoid damaging any of the components. If you have an extremely tall tree, you may need help!

10. Be careful of how many lights you place on the tree so that you do not create a fire hazard.